Best Champagne Stoppers 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Rabbit2. Le Creuset3. MiTBA
Rabbit Champagne And Wine Sealer Best Champagne StoppersLe Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer

MiTBA Champagne Stopper


Champagne only tastes good when it is fizzy and sparkly. Unfortunately, this premium and beloved drink loses its fizziness quickly if left open. Champagne bottle stoppers are useful tools to prolong the lifespan of your sparkly drink. It will seal the bubbles in your drink and keep it fizzy until the very end.


If you are someone who hesitates to open a precious bottle of champagne just because you fear that you will have to finish it in one go, you should invest in accessories like a champagne stopper. If you want the best champagne stopper but don’t know where to look for one, check out this guide, and you will find some amazing options along with some helpful tips.

Top 13 Best Champagne Stoppers 2020

1. Rabbit Champagne And Wine Sealer

Rabbit Champagne And Wine Sealer Best Champagne Stoppers

This champagne stopper is effective in sealing the bottle top and preserving your drink. It comes in stunning black with a silver middle. The black stopper has a velvety finish that also helps with the grip. You will be able to hold it tight because of the texture. If you use it on your champagne bottle, the drink will stay fresh for as long as two weeks. You can use the same stopper to seal your wine bottle too.

This is easy to use and only requires you to place the sealer on top of the bottle and twist it open. It will seal the bottle and make them air-tight to prevent oxidation. Its unique design adapts to bottles of different sizes and shuts them tight. It is very affordable and works great.


2. Le Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer

Le Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer

This is a luxury champagne crown sealer that preserves the flavor of previously opened champagne bottles. Your drink will not taste flat if you preserve it using the Le Creuset champagne sealer.

This is the best champagne stopper in a metal finish. It is made using high-quality metal and looks sleek. Its dimensions are 1 ½ x 3 x 3 inches. It comes with a valve that looks and operates like a switch. It locks in all carbonation with just one motion. You get a 10-year warranty on this champagne stopper, so you know this is the best quality.

It is completely airtight and has a food-safe rubber seal that won’t toxicate your drink. You will also be able to store bottles on their sides with this stopper to prevent leaking. This champagne stopper will impress you with both its looks and functionality.


3. MiTBA Champagne Stopper

MiTBA Champagne Stopper

You will not have to think twice before opening a champagne bottle with this stopper. It will preserve the bubbles of your drink and keep it fizzy and fresh. As you seal the bottle crown with the stopper, it will also increase the pressure in the bottle to make the bubbles stay.

The stopper is made of high-quality stainless steel. The material makes it long-lasting and durable. It is completely leak-proof and is easy to clean too. You can hand wash it or put it in the dishwasher.

The size of this champagne stopper is perfect for a glass bottle of champagne, cava, sparkling wine, and prosecco. You get a 60-day money-back guarantee on this MiTBA champagne stopper, but the chances are that you won’t need it. It is that good a product, is the best champagne stopper that comes at a reasonable price too.


4. Winco Champagne Bottle Stopper

Winco Champagne Bottle Stopper

Winco Champagne stopper is an excellent quality product and is made from a highly durable stainless steel. This set of two bottle stoppers in one pack is a true steal deal that you should take advantage of.

The product comes in a striking silver color and measures 3.94 x 2.36 x 1.57 inches. It holds the pressure inside the bottles perfectly and preserves the champagne. You need to be careful when you remove them as they come out very easily and pop anywhere.

Besides preserving the fizz and bubbles, it will also hold the bottle’s crown tightly and prevent it from leaking. However, because of its shape, you can only keep your bottle vertically and not laying down horizontally.


5. HYZ Gold Bottle Sealer

HYZ Gold Bottle Sealer

This is a stunning champagne bottle sealer that comes in a gold color and is made of premium-quality stainless steel. Apart from Champagne, you can also use this on a bottle of Cava, Prosecco, or sparkling wine. It will prevent the drink from going flat and tasteless.

It is made up of stainless steel and food-grade silicone and has no sharp edges or repulsive odor, and therefore, it has no potential to harm your drink. The added silicone makes the stopper fit snugly over the crown of the bottle and creates an air-tight seal. This makes the bottle 100% leak-proof as well.

Unlike other champagne stoppers, this one comes in a compact size that makes it easier to store the bottle horizontally or vertically. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. In all, this is the best champagne bottle stopper that you can get for the price.


6. OWO Champagne Stopper

OWO Champagne Stopper

This is an easy-to-use Champagne stopper, built to preserve the ultimate goodness of the drink. Using it is easy – you just have to insert it into the bottle, lock the hinged flaps to the mouth of the bottle, and that’s it.

The product is made using premium-quality stainless steel that won’t rust or decay. It also comes with a food-grade silicone rubber stopper that seals the bottle. It is leak-proof and will prevent any spilling even when the bottle is put horizontally.

It can be washed easily in a dishwasher. For best results, dry it immediately with a rag after cleaning with water. OWO provides a lifetime warranty on this product and also a 60-day replacement warranty in case of any unlikely faults.

This is an effective and affordable plug-in for any bottle of Champagne, and you should consider getting this.


7. Hayner-Seek Multi-Functional Bottle Sealer

Hayner-Seek Multi-Functional Bottle Sealer

You get this useful set of four Hayner-Seek bottle sealers at a throw-away price. These super practical bottle plug-ins can effectively be used to seal not only Champagne bottles but wine, beer, vinegar, or simple oil bottles too. These are air-tight seals that prolong the fizz and freshness in previously opened bottles. They also prevent leaking.

It is really easy to use this bottle stopper. You will only have to insert the stopper in and press the lever to seal the bottle tight. The lever of this stopper is made from good-quality, food-grade acrylic. The leak-resistant seal is made from food-grade silicone. Both the seal and the stopper are safe and won’t contaminate your drink.

This is not the best champagne stopper pack but is effective in what it does. You should consider getting this handy pack of four versatile bottle stoppers if you want a good deal on a budget.


8. CDDG Champagne Bottle Stopper

CDDG Champagne Bottle Stopper

If you are looking for a durable Champagne stopper, you should check out this one by CDDG. The external shell is made from durable ABS and the inside from safe silicone. It is built in a round shape, has a smooth surface, and is perfect for preserving your favorite drink.

Just place the stopper on the mouth of a bottle and press it down and rotate to seal it tight. This fits most Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, and sparkling wine bottles and is useful for personal use at home or restaurants and bars.

You can toss it in the dishwasher to clean it or hand wash it. This Champagne stopper also prevents leakage. You will be able to keep the bottle in an ice bucket or a fridge without any fear of spilling or leakage.


9. Wine Folly Special Edition Champagne Stopper

Wine Folly Special Edition Champagne Stopper

This is an authentic WAF patented design that is loved by customers. When it comes to the quality of this champagne stopper, it is simply the best. The product is made from chrome-plated high-carbon steel that is not only stainless but durable as well. It won’t lose its shine easily either. Moreover, it has a certified food-grade plastic seal inside that keeps the bottle’s mouth well shut.

This comes at a slightly higher price than other bottle sealers, but at the same time, its quality is also not like the others. Its superior quality makes it the best champagne stopper that you can get for the price.

It preserves all the champagne’s characteristics to retain its original flavor and aroma days after its initial opening. The seal maintains the pressure to keep the drink bubbling. This champagne stopper has got everything that makes a bottle stopper impressive. You should definitely have it in your own kitchen if you want the best looks and quality in your kitchen for even the tiniest of tools.


10. Stratton.I Reusable Decorated Champagne Bottle Sealer

Stratton.I Reusable Decorated Champagne Bottle Sealer

If you like some extra bling for your favorite drink, this champagne stopper will be perfect for you. It is bejeweled with peach rhinestones all over and can make your precious bottle of champagne sparkle with glamour on the outside too. It is unlike any other bottle stopper and glitters with all its crystals. It will be the little conversation starter piece of awe at your fine dining sessions.

It measures 2.5 x 2 x 2 inches and can fit any standard-size champagne bottle. It is also really easy to use. It is not only adorable but functions really well, too. It maintains the pressure inside the bottle to keep the drink in its best condition for many days.

This decorative piece will not lose its crystals if you are gentle with it. However, treating it roughly can cause some crystals to fall off, so be careful with this one. It is also really affordable for such a unique piece.


11. SozzleStopper Set Of Two Champagne Stoppers

SozzleStopper Set Of Two Champagne Stoppers

This champagne stopper looks very unconventional with its transparent structure and red seal in the middle. To use it, you have to insert it into the bottle and press the lever down. It will seal the bottle completely and make it air-tight.

This is an anti-leakage champagne stopper and has its inner valve made of food-grade silicone. It won’t even leak when the bottle is on its side. It is easy to clean, but it is recommended that you only hand wash it. It is a compact bottle stopper that is perfect for personal use at home.

The unusual appearance of this bottle stopper will impress anybody. You also get two stoppers at a reasonable price, and that gives you one more reason for buying it.


12. Puzzled Reusable Black Bear & Moose Wine Stopper

Puzzled Reusable Black Bear & Moose Wine Stopper

This is a stunning set of two metal champagne stoppers that come with bear and moose figurines on top of them. Their tops add an old-age elegance to the otherwise simple tools. They are both leak-proof and air-tight and retain the taste and smell of the drink. These bottle stoppers are so stunning, you can even give them to someone as a token.

The metal wild-animals are also decorated with some rhinestones to add even more glamour. They also come with an easy-grip on the top to help you remove them easily. They create a perfect vacuum inside the bottle, as any bottle stopper should.

Both the stoppers are 5-inch tall and are plug inserts for not only champagne but beer bottles too. You can reuse these bottle stoppers as many times as you like because they are washable. However, only wash it by hand and pat them dry with a cloth to keep them in their best condition.

These exquisite champagne bottle stoppers are made using high-quality chrome-plated zinc and silicone. It is highly durable, won’t break, and is non-toxic and BPA-free. You can use it over half-consumed bottles without the fear of getting your drink contaminated. This product is so unique, even saying that this is the best champagne stopper in terms of its design, is an understatement.


13. Host One-Size Champagne Stopper

Host One-Size Champagne Stopper

This is an elegant champagne bottle stopper in black color. It comes with an ergonomic grip and won’t fumble when you try to fix it in place, unlike other bottle stoppers. Its size is 3.75 x 2 x 6 inches and is perfect for standard bottles.

This bottle sealer is also very easy to operate. You will have to push and press it into the bottle, and it will keep your champagne nice and sparkly for you. It is durable, won’t chip or break easily, and is built to last. It fits snugly and prevents your drink from going flat and tasteless. You can expect no leakage from your champagne bottle once this stopper is put in place. It won’t cost you a fortune and is worth getting.


Factors To Look For Before Buying The Best Champagne Stopper

1. Shape And Size

The first thing to consider when you are looking for the best champagne stopper is its dimensions. The size should fit the bottle snugly, and the shape should be easy to hold. Bottle sealers come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the popular ones are stoppers with rounded tops, hinged flaps, and switch-style bottle stoppers.

The shape and size only matter because it determines how well it will seal the bottle to preserve its content.

2. Material

When we talk about the material of the bottle stopper, it should be something durable like stainless steel. It should also be some material that allows an easy yet firm grip on it so that fixing the bottle stopper becomes smooth.

Pay attention to whether or not the material is non-toxic or not, especially the interior part. The interior part of the seal should be made of food-grade silicone or similar materials. It should never pose any threat of contaminating the drink.

3. The Seal

The best champagne bottle stopper should have a seal that fits the crown of the bottle perfectly. If the stopper doesn’t fit right, it won’t serve the purpose of preserving the bubbles in your drink. The seal should also be made of food-grade materials to keep it safe.

4. Usability

It is always better to have a product that is multi-functional. Champagne bottle stoppers can be versatile too. If you can find a bottle stopper that not only fits champagne bottles but other bottles too, go for it.

Also, any bottle stopper that you buy should be leak-proof. Do not settle for just any bottle plugin that only preserves the liquid. It should also prevent it from spilling when you lay the bottle down horizontally on a surface.

Best Champagne Stoppers – Conclusion

Champagnes are exquisite, expensive drinks that people usually only reserve for special occasions because they don’t want the drink to go to waste. With the right bottle sealer, you will be able to preserve your drink for some time.

We hope that this guide has presented you with some useful insight into how to choose the best champagne stopper for your own bottle of your favorite drink.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How Long Does Champagne Last With A Stopper?

Champagne can last anywhere from 24 hours to the next 10 days after opening up the bottle and using the bottle stopper. It depends on how long you have left the bottle unattended after opening it up and without putting the stopper, how much fizz there already is, how old the Champagne is, etc. Any good bottle stopper that seals the mouth of the bottle perfectly will preserve your drink.

Q2. Does Champagne Improve With Age?

Champagne can improve with age. However, leaving the drink for too long can cause it to lose its fizz, and as a result, the drink becomes plain and flat. If you take proper care and use a champagne bottle stopper to preserve the drink, it will age well and taste well too.

Q3. Do Wine Stoppers Work For Champagne?

Wine stoppers may or may not work for Champagne. If you have a wine stopper specific to the dimensions of your champagne bottle, it may work. However, if the size is not particular, it will fail to preserve your sparkling drink.

Q4. How Do You Open A Champagne Stopper?

Opening a champagne stopper is easy, and much of it depends on what type of stopper you are using. If you are using a stopper with hinged flaps, you will have to raise or lower the flaps. If you are using a push-in stopper, you will have to hold it from the top and rotate it to open.

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