Can Prosecco Go Bad

Can Prosecco Go Bad?

This popular Italian wine is loved by many and comes to list in many wine enthusiasts’ favorite sparklers list. You can pop one as an aperitif before dinner or maybe after dinner. On global wine-drinking trends, many Prosecco lovers have been posting and asking whether Prosecco can go bad. Can Prosecco go bad? 

Yes, an opened bottle of Prosecco can go bad especially if it stays open for quite a long time. This means that its fizziness will fade and it will eventually lose its original taste. An opened bottle of Prosecco can stay in a fridge for 3 to 4 days then eventually lose its freshness, aroma, fizziness, and even flavor.  

Prosecco should be consumed within 2 years after bottling before it starts losing its sweetness as well as value. 

Unlike champagne, a bottle of Prosecco goes for a relatively cheaper price. Therefore, one can go for a bottle or two and decide to keep them over a period of time. So can Prosecco go bad? Let’s find out. 

Can an Unopened Prosecco Go Bad? 

How long could your unopened Prosecco last? It’s recommendable to drink your Prosecco within the first forty-eight weeks(2 years) after its bottling. This is when the flavors, aromas, and fizziness of your favorite drink are at their best. It’s advisable to pop the bottle as soon as it’s bottled to experience the sweetness at its prime. 

Does Aging Make Prosecco Better?  

Many vintage sparklers are known to gain value and sweetness from staying in the cellars for a longer period of time. However, as a Prosecco lover, you know that this doesn’t work on the Italian bubbler. Aging a bottle of Prosecco will only make it stale and useless after all. 

As stated earlier, a bottle of Prosecco should be consumed as early as its bottle to achieve a better taste bud experience. Can Prosecco go bad when aged? Prosecco doesn’t get better with age due to its sugar to the acid ratio which is relatively higher compared to other sparklers.  

Can Prosecco Go Bad? – How to Store Your Prosecco

There are a few things you need to consider when storing your bottle of Prosecco. First, make sure your bottle is placed in an upright position to avoid the drink from making contact with the bottle’s cork. 

This will make the cork moist and it will eventually allow air to get into the bottle. No sooner does the air starts going in than your Prosecco starts to lose its crispiness and goes flat within a certain period of time.  

Keep your Prosecco away from light and heat sources. Prosecco should be stored at a low temperature since it’s enjoyable when  served chill. Keep your bottle of wine to chill in your fridge before serving it for dinner. However, do not store your bottle of Prosecco in the fridge. Leave it in there for a maximum of 3-4 days.

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Can Prosecco Go Bad? – Conclusion 

Can Prosecco go bad when stored in a fridge? Letting your Prosecco stay in your fridge for a week or longer will only make the bottle’s cork drier and this will tamper with the wine’s fruit notes, aromas, and changes in flavor. You will notice a loss of bubbles in your drink when getting to pour it into a glass.