Cristal vs Dom Perignon

Cristal vs Dom Perignon

Cristal vs Dom Perignon which holds the ace? Whenever someone ever talks about the most expensive bottle of bubbly wine, these two brands never missing the list and in fact, they are top on any list. Characterized by sweet aromas and incredible taste Cristal and Dom Perignon would juice up any occasion on a bubbly note with quote an expensive take. 

However, if someone were to ask you which one you would choose between the two, what would tell them and how will you get to prove that that’s it. That comes back to our discussion today, Cristal vs Dom Perignon which one makes the best champagne. 

Taking into consideration that both are vintage expensive brands. However, we will need to talk about each of them separately so as to get a glimpse of what is worth including in the discussion and what is not. 


This is a brand that like many other champagne brands originates from the champagne region of France. Cristal champagne has a very long history but we better focus on the major aspects. In 1833, a young entrepreneur, Louis Roederer came up with this juicy and flavorful wine. 

Grapes are key in the end product of champagne so what Louis did, he gave his time and focus to the flavor, juiciness, and aromatic aspects of champagne. He interestingly started his development of taste and flavor from the soil where the vineyards for the champagne grapes were planted. 

He made sure that the grapes grow where they can easily acquire the best taste and flavor. That is simply how this Louis creation came to be termed a success and finally paved the way for the different crispy champagne bottles named Cristal till the present day.  

Now Cristal champagne mainly comes from a blend of Pinot noir, which mainly composes 60% of the blend, and Chardonnay which holds 40%of the blend. The two make up the awesome flavors that we get in every of the champagne bottles with Cristal labels. 

Time is important in the winemaking process and that is exactly why this type of champagne is aged for six years before finally being made. With the silky delicate balance of flavors and a sweet aroma, the aging is part of what makes it great though if the soil is good enough, we can make a good flavor, aroma, and taste balance right from the grapes. 

For example, if we are to talk about the Rose Cristal champagne, we should talk about 55% Pinot noir and 45% chardonnay. This is what flavors the bottle of rose champagne to a deep red juicy fruit note that hints sweet flavors and caramel aroma on what seems to be the sunshine in a glass. 

Flavors are basically enhanced by the mineral balance of the soil. The mineral balance is always important in any vine production process to make sure you got the correct taste and flavor balance. 

Cristal champagne as we said earlier is majorly focused on the flavor, taste, and aroma that bring up the perfect blend in the bottle of Cristal champagne. So if you ever like it with a sweet aroma and juicy, tasty flavors, then Cristal champagne is your taste. 

Cristal vs Dom Perignon – The Story Behind Dom Perignon 

With its distinguished taste, the whole story of Dom comes up as intriguing as the flavor itself. It dates back to 1868, where Pierre Perignon a young monk was put in charge of the wine cellars at Benedict Abbey after his famously recognized winemaking techniques were liked by many. 

His good take on winemaking finally gave the world one of its best wines, the dom Perignon champagne. 

With vintage bottles of Dom Perignon that date Back to as early as 192, we can say that Dom Perignon is one of the rare flavors that bring sunshine and moonlight to the glass! One great secret to the delicate sweetness and taste of this vintage wine is that all the grapes used to make it are harvested in the same year. 

And old as the flavor itself, they are always aged for more than six years from every season, giving us the possibility of the rare 1920 vintage bottles still in existence up to date. 

Surprisingly, the collection of grapes for these exclusive wines dates back to the 1921-2004 period. Carefully selected and made into the graceful blend of sweetness and flavor, Dom Perignon is since then, the most sought out champagne brand and many are willing to give a fortune for this bottle which is also a fortune. 

A fortune for a fortune! This explains why wine collected and reconnoiters are ever willing to pay a staggering price for some vintage years.  

Varying with label date, this champagne bottle has some little variation in taste. For the harvest seasons that touched on hot periods, we got the spicy, nutty aromas that bring up flavors like sandalwood, mirtazapine, and praline. 

For the wet seasons, we came up with flowery tastes and provisions such as vanilla, honey, and almond. As we mentioned earlier, the perfection of Dom Perignon lies in the harvest seasons. If you’re so much interested in a blend of flavor and the prestige of vintage champagne, Dom Perignon is yours. 

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Cristal vs Dom Perignon – Conclusion

Cristal vs Dom Perignon which is better? After going through both of them as we have done in the above section we now have on mins what one means by saying dom Perignon and what they mean by saying Cristal champagne. 

We have seen what’s so interesting about each of them and what people like in each type. The goodness of champagne lies in its taste, flavor, and what you cherish in it. 

As much champagne, especially these two brands cost heavy, we ought to choose according to the little details that come with each of them. So the matter of which one is the best solely lies in your hands. 

What’s best for you comes with what you personally like and here are different brands that have their own features as well as tastes so, what you got to do is see what’s good to you in every type. And that is the only way you can approach this discussion. Now Cristal vs Dom Perignon, which is your best champagne.