How Long Does Prosecco Last

How Long Does Prosecco Last?

Prosecco is a very sweet brut sparkling wine that most people in the world like to enjoy. Most of the people in this world use Prosecco in celebrations, weddings, and even birthdays. Let’s say you are planning a celebration, and buy Prosecco wine for the arrivals, then there is one fact that you need to know, how long does Prosecco last? 

In case you know that you won’t finish your Prosecco wine and you have already removed the cork, there are a few details you are supposed to know about the Prosecco brut sparkling wine. 

How Long Does Prosecco Last? 

Let’s say you have already opened and removed the cork from your Prosecco wine, then you have about three to five days till your Prosecco wine spoils and goes bad. After this short period of time, your Prosecco wine becomes flat and does not hit your taste buds at the right spot, this is because all of the tasty flavors that are present in the Prosecco wine have evaporated.

Traditional sparkling wines often last longer than the Moscato wines and the Prosecco wines. So in case you are looking to enjoy your Prosecco wine at its best, it’s advised that you drink the whole bottle before three days are over for the best experience. 

This is totally different from Prosecco wine that has not been opened. Unopened Prosecco brut sparkling wine can last from a range of three to up to eight years solely relying on the tour and style of vintage. 

Often non-vintage wines tend to have a higher life span than vintage wines. Over the years, some of the wine bottles preserved improve in their quality and value. 

Before enjoying your Prosecco wine, ensure that you don’t store it in the fridge and instead, a cool and dry place and away from sunlight rays is the best option. You can decide to keep it in a fridge or in a can full of ice cubes, hours before drinking. 

Fizzing in Prosecco Wine 

Prosecco wine can maintain it’s freshness even after removing the cork stopper very easily. You are supposed to put back the cork stopper immediately after you finish serving yourself. The cork stoppers used to preserve and maintain the Prosecco’s freshness are always airtight, this is so as not to allow any gas present in the Prosecco wine to escape from the bottle. 

It’s mandatory that you use a cork stopper to cover your Prosecco, in order to prevent oxygen gas from entering the bottle and ensure that fizzing still takes place in the bottle. 

In case you have misplaced your cork stopper for your Prosecco wine and you don’t have anything else to cover your wine with, you can cover your Prosecco with a tight rubber band and a small clean piece of cloth. 

How Long Does Prosecco Last – Does it Get Spoilt? 

Prosecco wine as we earlier discussed spoils if not well kept and maintained. You can try to experiment to see how long does Prosecco last by removing the cork stopper and waiting for about three days to see the final results. 

You will notice that the pleasant Prosecco smell is no longer there and all you can smell in the bottle is vinegar. The Prosecco brut wine becomes dry and very flat, something that you don’t enjoy to drink and you won’t have any problem trashing it. 

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How Long Does Prosecco Last? – Conclusion

How long does Prosecco last? The only solution is to store and maintain your Prosecco wine well and if you know you won’t be able to finish your Prosecco wine, please resort to buying the smaller sizes and you can invest and buy improved wine cork stoppers.