Best Ways on How To Open Champagne Bottle Like A Boss

Ever been at a party, and you failed to open a bottle of champagne in style? We can hear you say yes but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered this time. From New year’s Eve, weddings, to a random Sunday, champagne is the star. So it deserves to be treated well. 

To pop open a bottle of Bollinger Rosé, Champagne is not a cakewalk. It requires skill, and that is what you’ll learn here. Are you ready to let the champagne flow like a pro? Here’s our article on the best ways to open a champagne bottle like a boss , Let’s get started. 

How To Pop A Champagne Bottle?

If you love drinking champagne, you ought to know how to open a champagne bottle without sending the cork flying. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when you pop open a bottle.

  1. Make sure the bottle is chilled to 42-48°F, and also, the taste is heavenly if kept this way. 
  2. Ensure that the bottle is dry for you to get a good grip. We don’t want the bottle to slip off your hands. 
  3. If you’re in a group, be sure that you point the cork end of the bottle away from you and your friends. 

Take a look at the best methods on how to pop champagne. 

a. Traditional Method

The traditional method of opening a champagne bottle makes use of only two pieces of equipment, your hands. No extra time required, just a smooth pop, and you’ll see the champagne flowing ‘pssssch.’ All you’ve got to do is, 

  1. Remove the foil wrapping off the bottle. Untwist the wire cage while simultaneously keeping your thumb pressed down on the cork. 
  2. Cover the top of the bottle with a towel and easily place your palm over it. Not too hard nor too soft. 
  3. When you’re ready, hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle. Slowly twist the bottom of the bottle while pulling downward. Remember, you shouldn’t twist the cork just as yet. 
  4. Now is the time to twist. Keep twisting all the while until you hear a satisfying pop. 
  5. Voila! Time for some champagne. Pour and have a good time. 

b. Saber Method

Champagne smells of special occasions. Plus, opening a bottle of champagne is always fun. Nevertheless, the Saber method or “Sabrage” gives you an added feeling of a ceremony. We’re talking about using a saber to open a champagne bottle, folks! 

Most often, people who follow the saber method grabs a lot of attention. It can be both impressive and risky. If you’ve no idea of physics, you better not try this method. 

It’s all about science theories rather than magic. Although it may take several attempts to master this technique, it is worth every try. If you’ve got this one trick in your back pocket, you don’t have to search for attention. 

Coming to talk of swords, the saber method goes back to the time of the French Revolution. This method was a commonly used technique by Napoleon’s army when they celebrated victories throughout Europe.

Napoleon’s brigade was given sabers; the sharp side of the sword was used for battles while the blunt side was used to pop bottles of bubbly. 

But today, you don’t have to win a battle. You can just order a champagne saber online. How easy! In order to make use of this method, follow these steps. 

  1. Similar to the traditional method, point the top of the bottle away from yourself and others. 
  2. Quickly slide the blunt side of the blade away from your body, along the bottle. The force of the blade hitting on the lip of the bottle will break the glass. 
  3. It just takes one long, smooth, strong motion, so get your mind on it, and you’ll ace the job. As soon as the saber strikes the bottle, it makes a clean cut. Now, the neck of the bottle is ready as ever to pour. 
  4. Look out for any shards of glass, and also, you can still see the cork intact in the mouth of the bottle. See, this is what physics is all about! 

Don’t get upset if you fail your first try. Hang in there, a few dedicated attempts, and you’ll be a pro. On the brighter side, you can keep trying till you get the hang of it. Why because the bottle’s neck will either break completely in a clean-cut or it won’t break at all. 

Hence, you don’t have to worry about the bottle being partially opened or tiny pieces of glass popping off. 

If you’re in search of the perfect wedding gift for the newly-weds, think no more. It is, without a doubt, a Champagne saber. Pair it with a bottle of rich champagne and let the couple toast to their future. 

In short, if you’re still confused about the best ways to open a champagne bottle like a boss, then get your hands on a champagne saber and let it flow! 

c. Use A Kitchen Knife

Out of all things, a kitchen knife? Is that what you’re thinking? The transition from a champagne saber to a kitchen knife was pretty quick. 

Nonetheless, the blunt side of the kitchen knife can do the job surprisingly well. Even though a saber may sound classy, don’t underestimate a regular old kitchen knife until you’ve tried this hack. You’ll be amazed by the results. 

Since we are attempting to recreate the breaking of a champagne bottle with a saber, you’ll need a pretty long knife. The longer the knife, the easier the task. Also, a sturdy chef’s knife can work well. 

Alternatively, nothing can beat a long-blade bread knife as it has the ideal length. This extra length will generate enough force to break off the mouth of the bottle in a single strike. 

You don’t have to follow any other method. Stick on to the same steps used in the saber method. Angle the bottle away from you and any others present in the room. Move the bottle away from you quickly as you firmly slide the blunt side of the blade along the bottle towards the cork. 

Once the blade hits the lip of the bottle, it will break off the cork that will still be intact inside the bottle’s mouth, just like you get with a saber. Watch delicious champagne flow out and enjoy your day. 

These are the simple methods that’ll turn you into an expert. If your friends don’t know how to pop open a champagne bottle, felicitations, you are qualified enough to give them tips! 

Best Ways To Open A Champagne Bottle Like A Boss – How To Pour Champagne?

Now that you’re ready to get the champagne flowing, do you know how and where to pour? If you think you can grab just any old champagne glass from your shelf, then uh-oh, you’re wrong. 

For your information, there are different types of glasses, and each of them has its pros and cons. Be it flute, couple, or tulip style glass, each of them is unique in its own way. Depending upon your drink, let’s see what glasses are apt. 

Types Of Glasses 

1. Flute Glass

This glass not only looks sleek and classy, it actually can be the showstopper at a party. This tall, narrow glass helps to retain some of the carbonation. It is made possible by reducing the surface area through which the bubbles present inside can escape. 

The flute glass is fabulous, and it beautifully showcases the pretty bubbles as they travel upward. 

Furthermore, it regulates the amount of oxygen mixing with champagne. All those little bubbles perfectly deliver the champagne’s aroma straight to the nose offering an effervescent mouthfeel. Seek no more when you have the perfect glass for serving dry champagnes. 

2. Couple Glass

The couple glass is undoubtedly the most classic and iconic bowl to pour some rich champagne. This vintage beauty boasts an attractive design and holds a special spot among all the champagne glasses. 

With its shallow, wide, open bowl, this glass gives out softer and fruitier tasting champagne. It is because the open design allows more of the bubbles to disperse quickly. Being the perfect glass for sweeter, sparkling wines, it will make a gorgeous gift for couples. 

3. Tulip Glass

Meet tulip glass, the curvier cousin to the flute glass. With an identical build but sporting a wider body and mouth, the tulip glass has got its own distinct position as well. It also offers almost similar benefits as the flute glass. 

By letting out the aroma without losing much of the carbonation, this glass aces the job. Further, the tulip shape of the glass is ideal for fruitier and more aromatic sparkling wines. So what are you waiting for? 

Congratulations, you now know how to open champagne, and you’ve also gained knowledge about the types of glasses you can pour the wine into. We are proud of you! 

Time To Get The Champagne Flowing!

We can see you smile from ear to ear. You’re now more than equipped to pop open a champagne bottle. You can either resort to the traditional method, saber method or use your old regular kitchen knife to get the sparkling wine out. 

Wear your best suit, get your hands on a bottle of bubbly, and crack it open with charisma. You are sure to steal the show. Thank us later! 

Also, you can teach your mates how to open a champagne bottle. The ball is in your goal post now, so get the ball rolling in style. 

Happy popping! 

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