Is Korbel Champagne Good

Is Korbel Champagne Good?

Right from California’s river valley, Korbel champagne has stood the taste of time and opposition to maintain the champagne title, however with the prefix California, to ‘save’ the precious France Champagne. It’s better if we refer to Korbel as an exclusive sparkling wine from California. This post provides an answer to the question, “is Korbel champagne good?”

That aside, Korbel champagne has maintained to be the most produced wine in the United States with its producers embracing the ‘méthode champenoise’  method. Most wine users have confessed the importance they give to whine as an indicator of special occasions, one user says ‘I only go for wine when I’m in love or when I’m leaving.’ 

With such dedication, before settling on which wine to choose, you must have checked Korbel champagne and we’ll, the nod of a wine taster ain’t enough, after all, they nod and confirm most at times. Even after a nod from your favorite wine-taster, the question remains, is Korbel champagne good?

Well, given the broad meaning of good, especially on champagne, this question can only be answered by yourself. However, you shall only settle on the answer after the insights and facts we are going to give you today about California’s Korbel champagne. 

About Korbel Champagne   


One of the specialties of champagne from France is the history behind it, so is Korbel. Starting as a company under Francis, Anton, and Joseph who were brothers from Czechoslovakia, the company developed a lot, and so we’re it’s transitions in ownership. 

The brothers sold it to Adolf Heck in 1954, who left it at the hands of his son Gray. Korbel has stood the test of time and has kept improving each year to the current best of producing 1.3 million cases of wine each year. 

Is Korbel champagne real champagne?  

Having said that Korbel champagne is manufactured in California, is it the real champagne or just a sparkling wine? Well, the answer shall depend on your loyalty but here, we shall tell you that Champagne wine is a wine made in the region of Champagne, France. 

Now Korbel champagne has branded themselves as champagne and did it before the coining of the 1919 treaty which brought limits to who can use the name Champagne. 

It was decided that only champagne from the champagne region of France could use the name, however, Korbel was lucky with the provision that those who already used the name before 1919 were notified to use it. 

Later on in 2005, through a trade agreement, it was resolved that Korbel should include the prefix California, therefore giving birth to the famous Korbel California champagne. 

Therefore, if you are looking for exclusive champagne, with the true roots of Champagne, Korbel ain’t one. However, Korbel has got its exclusivity in taste, smell, and make. 

Is Korbel champagne good – What is the taste?  

Is Korbel champagne good? This question mostly targets the taste and smell. After all, a name and history without quality ain’t worth a penny.  

Korbel champagne comes packaged in a special medium-sized bottle. That special occasion can be felt with the lively and bright yellow touches of sealing and branding. 

Upon bringing the rim of your flute half-filled with Korbel champagne near to your lips, you immediately get that sweet smell of pear and green apple.  

Korbel California champagne graces your palate with a special and simple taste of orchard fruits, lime, honeyed ginger, and spice. At this point, the palate senses those sweet notes, but before they become monotonous, you get the zesty acidity that brings the balance. 

This is classified as a vintage wine with a 1% sugar composition and yes, it’s affordable. 

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Is Korbel Champagne Good? – Conclusion

So is Korbel champagne good wine? Yes, Korbel champagne can be classified as good sparkling wine. However, if you expect the original Champagne taste, then there is a big difference in the real Champagne such as Cava from France compared to California’s Korbel.  

When tasting Korbel California champagne, it is good to put it that it’s California champagne, with no much-sophisticated champagne taste. It would be better to classify it as the best American sparkling wine. 

Korbel champagne has won a number of annual champagne awards and remains to be the best selling champagne in America, while we don’t rely on this as an indicator for greatness, it proves a point. 

If sweet sparkling wine is what you need to flower that special day, then go for Korbel champagne. However, it’s sweetness goes a little bit overboard. Considering its affordable price, it is a really good deal to accompany you in your celebration. Is Korbel champagne good? Yes, it is a good sparkling wine but not real champagne.