Is Spumante Champagne Sweet

Is Spumante Champagne Sweet?

So you ask, is spumante champagne sweet? Well, this question is complicated and we are going to start from the basics. Let’s first clarify that Spumante is different from champagne, therefore, when we talk about taste, we shall look at champagne separately from spumante.

Now, if you are planning to get Spumante or champagne, or just need to get a sweet sparkling wine or champagne, we are going to answer your query on which is sweet.

Difference Between Spumante and Champagne  

The most basic difference is the place of origin. A bottle of sparkling wine only qualifies to be exclusively known as champagne if it originates from the champagne region of France. The Piedmont region of Italy prides itself to be the home of the production of Spumante sparkling wine.  

The method of preparation also varies a lot, and is what determines the final quality of taste and subsequently, the price. Spumante sparkling wine embraces the Charmat method where the fermentation is done collectively in tanks, before bottling ready wine. 

On the other hand, Champagne undergoes secondary fermentation where the unfermented wine is bottled and left to ferment in the bottle. 

When poured into a flute, Spumante tends to give larger bubbles compared to the small ones produced by champagne. Now that we understand spumante better, is spumante champagne sweet?

Is Spumante Champagne Sweet? 

Is Spumante champagne sweet? Generally, sparkling wines with the label Spumante are sweet. However, the sweetness varies with the type, most include some acidity to balance the sweetness but not too much. However, not all spumante wines are sweet, some types are actually dry. 

It, therefore, should not be assumed that Spumante means sweet, actually, Spumante means ‘sparkling wine’ here are a few examples to help us understand. 

Franciacorta From Lombardy 

Franciacorta in a spumante wine made with exclusivity. Grapes from Franciacorta specifically the region between Brescia and Lake Iseo. This embraces the Champagne traditional method of preparation and unlike other Spumante, ends up with fine small bubbles just like Champagne from France. 

Lambrusco Spumante 

Lombardy or Emilia-Romagna hosts the vineyards that produce grapes for this type of spumante wine. Now, if you need a sweet spumante type, this is it since it comes with berry flavors and a good portion of acidity. Lambrusco isn’t too sweet since the acidity balances the sweetness, it also includes a low alcohol percentage. 

Asti Spumante 

Made from Moscato, Asti Spumante is a sweet and aromatic wine that teases your taste buds with sweetness just right for a dessert when paired with chocolate or fruits. 

The Famous Prosecco 

Prosecco is the common spumante that matches the standard of Champagne from France. The Veneto region of Italy holds the glera grapes that this sparkling wine is made from. You will find prosecco either extra dry or dry. Dry prosecco is basically the sweet version.

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Is Spumante Champagne Sweet? – Conclusion

So is Spumante champagne sweet? Yes, spumante champagne is mostly sweet. However, not all spumante sparkling wines are sweet as it’s usually assumed. There are spumante types with high acidity levels that qualify as extra dry wines.