What Is Extra Dry Champagne

What Is Extra Dry Champagne?

For all my champagne and wine lovers, there is no doubt that you have come across an extra dry wine and absolutely loved it. For all those who are intrigued with champagne and ask what is extra dry Champagne, then you are in the right place.  As you well know, Champagne are categorized according to their level of sweetness. 

Dry sparkling wine is the sweetest followed by the extra dry sparkling wine and champagne which is in the middle of the sweetness scale and lastly, we have the brut champagne and sparkling wine. 

Many of us confuse and think that the extra dry wine is supposed to be dry and bitter as denoted by the initials but this is not the case. The extra dry sparkling wine is actually sweet and is in the middle of the sweetness scale. Extra dry sparkling wine and champagne is neither sweet nor bitter hence it is found in the middle of the wine sweetness scale. So what is extra dry champagne? Let’s find out.

Origin of the Extra Dry Sparkling Wine 

The extra dry wine is among the favorite wines that most of us like to enjoy. Most people are curious, asking what is extra dry champagne and the history behind its production. Well, we got you covered. 

The extra dry sparkling wine originated from the country of France and is being produced in certain regions in France such as Dom Perignon, Veuve, and Moet. The extra dry wine is usually carbonated hence produces bubbles that ensure and enhances the freshness of the extra dry wine and champagne

If the sparkling wine is produced in a certain region then it has to take the original name of the place. A good example is that a wine can only be allowed to be called Champagne in case it is harvested and grown in France in the region of Champagne.  

History of the Extra Dry Sparkling Wine 

After knowing what is extra dry champagne, you can go the extra mile and find about the history of the extra dry wine. During the era of the 19th century, major trading centers and markets in Russia were looking for the sweeter wines of which were high in demand. 

The secondary style used during that time was at least not as dry as nowadays but the name extra dry still made sense during that time and most people preferred it. 

In the year 1998, expert divers recovered over two thousand bottles in the Swedish 1916 shipwreck off the coast. The ship was intervened by the Germans while it was on the way to the headquarters of the famous Russian army. Most of the recovered wine from the ship is still being drunk till now after being reserved for years and years. 

What Does the Extra Dry Wine Entail? 

Most of us wonder why the extra dry wine tastes sweet and wonders what is present in it. There are three different types of grapes that are used to make the extra dry sparkling wine. They include Pinot noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier. These types of grapes are used in different ratios in accordance with the type of wine being manufactured. Not all sparkling wines and Champagne are expensive as most people tend to think and believe. It all comes down to the style and method of production. 

Acidity and Tannin is a huge factor that contributes and increases sourness and bitterness in the extra dry sparkling wine. This is completely different from the sugar and alcohol present in the extra dry wine and champagne, which contribute to and increase the sweetness of the extra dry wine. 

The extra dry wine entails about one to two percent of sugar residue making it a bit sweeter than the brut sparkling wine. This is because the sugar present in the wine balances off the dryness hence the extra dry sparkling wine is used as a beverage drink. 

The extra dry sparkling wine contains about 12 to 17 grams of sugar residue. The brut sparkling wine and the extra brut sparkling wine are drier than the extra dry but the Brut nature also called zero is the driest of them all hence is the last one in the wine sweetness scale. 

The final and last addition in the wine bottle happens when the sediment produced after the process of fermentation in the wine bottle is finished or cut off at the required time. The sugar which is added in the final and last addition is the main determinant to whether the wine would be sweet or bitter in regards to the amount. 

If no sugar is added back into the wine bottle, then the sparkling wine is said to be brut nature or in other words, you can call it zero. 

Classification of Wines According to the Level of Sweetness 

According to the level of sweetness, we can categorize different types of wines this is how they lineup starting with the sweetest to the most bitter. They include; 

Doux sparkling wine 

Demi-sec wine 

Dry sparkling wine 

Extra dry wine 

Brut Champagne 

Extra brut sparkling wine 

Brut nature or zero sparkling wine 

Uses of the Extra Dry Sparkling Wine and Champagne

As of now you already know what is extra dry champagne and how it is produced. Extra dry wine has a lot of benefits and uses in our day to day activities. It is not advisable for you to drink your wine using the bottle. 

You can invest and use wine glasses of which are not that expensive. You can use the extra dry wine as a gift to your friends and don’t forget to send it together with the wine bag. The wine bag is reusable and versatile and it offers a good and well presented to the receiver. 

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What Is Extra Dry Champagne? – Conclusion

The holidays and the new year’s celebrations are just around the corner. You can decide to buy the extra dry sparkling wine and Champagne that is recently well known for celebrations and events, and enjoy with your beloved ones and friends Don’t miss out on the tasty extra dry sparkling wine.