Best Champagne Delivery Services 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Best Champagne Delivery Service

Coup Champagne


Champagne is probably the most-loved drink for celebrations, but it represents a lot more than just the traditional toast for a lot of experts and wine enthusiasts. Several people reserve a permanent place for this wine in their refrigerators–at least one bottle for casual everyday enjoyment. It is far more versatile than what it is credited for.

Champagne can be kept at least for three days in the fridge with a good stopper. The fourth day onwards, it will start losing its effervescence but will take on a few novel qualities like earthy, smoky flavors, and oxidative aromas. So you can still technically drink it but there are a few other creative ways to adapt at this point.


For example, you could freeze it into ice cubes used to take your cocktails up a notch. Or if you like to use wine while cooking, champagne can be used in place of either red wine or white wine. Therefore, now that you have no reason to deny a healthy supply of champagne at home, we list down some of the best champagne delivery service.

Top 7 Best Champagne Delivery Services 2020


Best Champagne Delivery Service

This website’s straightforward name itself is self-promotion. It has wine–a lot of it. has won awards for its variety of wines. So if diversity is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. The additional occasional promo makes it all the more attractive.

Speaking of champagnes, in particular, you get more than 250 options on the website. You can choose from major brands like Dom Perignon, Laurent Perrier, and Veuve Clicquot or go for less mainstream producers like Gonet Medeville and Pierre Paillard. There are large-format bottles and gift editions along with a hefty range of price points, dosage levels, and vintages available that make the website a very dependable and convenient retailer for any occasion.

The customer service of, especially the chat feature, is quick, helpful, and highly personalized to help you make the right purchase decision with proper guidance. The most appealing feature is that you can create an account to help you keep track of the wine you prefer and have bought earlier. The Stewardship program unlocks free shipping round the year and costs around $49 per annum, which saves you considerable delivery fees only after a few orders.


2. The Sip

the sip logo

Catherine Carter and Erica Davis, the founders of The Sip, started it as a joint venture between friends fueled by a shared love for bubbly drinks and a strong desire to help fellow enthusiasts explore new brands easily.

Today, Carter and Davis are responsible for one of the best clubs out there that serve sparkling wine. The Sip brings beautifully packed custom gifts to your doorsteps with a bi-monthly subscription. They introduce you to various sparkling wines in a single glass format so that you have the option of choosing to buy a full bottle then.

The interface is pretty simple- open the website, choose your subscription option, and add the products to your cart. You can pick the subscription option according to your preference- either pay for the entire year at a time for the best value or pay per bi-monthly box. The annual subscription fee is around $55 and can help you save about $30 with a $25 credit towards each bottle. On the other hand, the bimonthly subscription costs roughly $60.

Whichever subscription option you choose, you get free shipping either way and can be canceled any time you want. If you want to order a gift, there is a dedicated tab for that where you can select to send either a subscription or a one-time delivery.


3. Coup Champagne

Coup Champagne

Coup Champagne is an indie wine brand that pays homage to the modern wine culture amidst political messaging, irrelevant drama, minimalist art, and craft through a selection of specially bottled and hand-picked vintage wines. Their striking 750-milliliter bottles which are painted matte black come with matching accessories make for the perfect gift.

The contemporary aesthetic combined with the additional contents don’t fail to impress. The team members spend several months throughout the year searching for wines by the best small businesses and budding producers in order to put each of their collections together.

You can purchase the available vintage bottles for around $100. The website also allows you to opt for a custom engraving for an approximate price of $25. Other features in the past have included fourth-generation producer J. de Telmont’s 2004 low dosage Champagne and similar wines. They maintain consistency in good quality no matter what discount or offer is on.

On top of single bottles, you can also get your hands on individual accessories like a weighted saber labeled “We the People” or gift sets in utilitarian attachments. Some purchases also forward their profits to charitable organizations like the ACLU. This is the champagne delivery service for you if you are a lover of older craft champagnes who likes to take a political stance with their purchasing power, all with free shipping.


4. Beau Joie

Beau Joie

The intricate suit of armor on each bottle narrates the inspiration behind Beau Joie. It is an appreciation and ode to an age of indulgence, the era when brave knights spent their days guarding the kings’ courts and relaxed it the evenings by heartily toasting wine glasses.

The bottle is made of copper which is intricate, recycled, and keeps wine colder for a long time. This casing’s shiny form not only has a functional element to it but also resembles the armor itself. There is also a rubber punt to make it easier to hold the bottle while pouring. The bottles are designed keeping in mind the service industry and are made with scrap metal which can be used to recycle and reuse again to support sustainability.

There are three different core expressions to choose from. The non-vintage Brut rife that costs $69 is beautifully dry with a citrus flavor, bright acidity, and balanced yeast presents itself to compliment anything from seafood and roasted chicken to truffle dishes, grilled steak, and more.

In the category of rose Champagne, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay make up Beau Joie’s in equal parts. They are the perfect fit for something spicy like a fiery sausage on pizza, with or without a high oil content because of their hints of sweetness on a lively and fresh palate. They cost around $89. The final option is a $69 pale gold demi-sec which is perfect to pair up with desserts as it is always a smart move to mix sweet dishes with sweet wines.


5. Fatcork


Here is a quarterly club devoted exclusively to discovering grower Champagnes. They handpick the best artisanal bubbles in small batches from France to ship them directly to your door.

Fatcork was founded by a married power couple Abby Maletis and Bryan Maletis. It focuses exclusively on high-quality bottles produced by small, family-owned wineries. These brands grow and use their own grapes in their vineyards which are about 20 to 60 years old.

You are fortunate if you happen to be a fan of drier champagnes, the selection on the website has only low and no dosage wines. Unlike the majority of wine subscription options available on other websites, Fatcork is accessible even to those who don’t have an ongoing membership program. It is quite well-rounded so you can enjoy its services before joining while still being able to make one-off purchases and send gifts easily.

Select from curated gift packs, accessories, and large, standard, or half format individual bottles on top of the three (also giftable) membership tiers. The subscription tiers being- Classic, Fancy, and Extra Fancy. The Classic costs roughly $199 and includes three bottles, four times a year excluding shipping. The Fancy costs about $249 and offers four bottles four times a year. Lastly, the Extra Fancy is priced at around $349 with six bottles, four times every year.

Regardless of the membership option you opt for (or not), your money will be supporting and promoting small family businesses and that’s something you can feel good about anyways.


6. Minibar


There are a number of on-demand champagne delivery services out there operating in similar formats. Most of them involve serving as third-party online delivery sites by partnering with local shops.

Though almost all of them might seem interchangeable in terms of the functioning process, some of these websites do have some distinguishing features. These help to set them apart and makes it easier for you to choose. Minibar is one of the best delivery services for local bottles and has been consistently successful in satisfying its customers.

Minibar is a female-founded company that has it all. Fundamentally, like all other websites, it offers the option of shopping and getting the champagne, mixers, beers, other wines, and spirits selection in your area delivered via mail or on-demand.

The additional attractive features it has to offer is a professional bartender who can pour out the drinks deftly at your gathering or event. The price for the delivery and services vary according to your location of residence and the brands you choose.

They also have a thoughtful gift selection that highlights many partner brands like Pearl street Caviar and Absolut Elyx. The cherry on top is the various charities they team up with and support directly every month which will stretch the smile on your face even more after every purchase.


7. ReserveBar


ReserveBar offers every type of premium wine and spirits with prices to match. The range includes everything from moonshine, scotch, gin, wine, and cocktail mixers to Chardonnay that is delivered with Waterford wine glasses.

They have limited edition bottles, luxury collections, and gifts trending at the top to skim through. If you are looking to send champagne gifts, this is the perfect place for you as ReserveBar offers good quality liquor with high-end packaging which can be personalized through custom engravings.

The fees for shipping will depend on the weight of your order and the state to deliver in. However, the base costs are $67.97 for overnight express, $34.97 for two-day express, and $15.97 for ground shipping. Any shipment has to be signed off by an adult over 21 years of age.

Select cities can be checked in the website’s ‘ship to’ sections where fine spirits and champagne can be delivered on the same day.


Best Champagne Delivery Services – The Conclusion

When it comes to wine shopping, variety is key. This goes not only for the type of product but also for the convenience, experiences, corporate social responsibilities, and other such factors.

Some people might be interested only in a quick same day champagne delivery for an impromptu party, whereas others might be looking for new grower champagnes to try every month. And some may be in search of the perfect gift set for their anniversary. Whatever the reason be, the list above will cater to any and every requirement of different objectives and approaches.

While Beau Joie stood out in search of a company taking care of the champagne pairing up with food, The Sip and Fatcork were chosen for the variety in their subscription options. ReserveBar seemed like the best option for sending a champagne gift delivery. and Minibar were the best choices for a variety in brand options along with convenient delivery.