Best Champagne Glasses 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Popping a bottle of champagne to inaugurate a celebration is a heavenly feeling. However, half of the charm of champagne lies in serving it in the right glass. Pour it in the wrong glass, and the joy of the drinking experience gets reduced. But, how do we find the correct champagne glass?

It can be difficult finding even the type of glass for your champagne. Then there is the matter of looking for specific products and going through their reviews. Don’t fret, though. We have done your work.


After meticulously going through several products and their reviews, we have curated a list of champagne glasses of different types (champagne flutes, coupes, tulips, etc.), designs, and prices. The one thing consistent about all the products is the quality.

So, you can go ahead and pick up any set of glasses you want based on your preference, from this article of what we considered to be the best champagne glasses.

Top 13 Best Champagne Glasses 2020

1. Elixir Classy Champagne Flutes

Elixir Classy Champagne Flutes Best Champagne Glasses

Number of units: 4
Capacity: 8 ounces each

Sophisticated and luxurious, this set of champagne flutes by Elixir Glassware is classy with a little edge.

A lot of crystal glasses available in the market contain at least 20% lead, which can be potentially harmful. Unlike those, Elixir glassware’s champagne flutes are made from lead-free crystal, which makes them exceptionally clear. In addition, the sparkly surface and sturdy yet slender stem are tempered for durability.

Each of these glasses is masterfully shaped and hand-blown by expert artisans who use traditional methods. The wide rim is masterfully cut to give you an optimal drinking experience by creating a harmony of fruit acidity and tannin flavors.

Each glass holds eight ounces of champagne so that you do not have to refill them frequently. Packaged in a sturdy and elegant gift box, this set of four crystal champagne flutes will arrive at your door promptly and in perfect condition, without sustaining any damage.

However, apart from being aesthetic and classy, these glasses also have a really high value for its price. And lastly, regardless of what the occasion is, these glasses are bound to be a remarkable gift.

If you want a set of two glasses instead of four, we recommend a very similar set by Elixir. It has the very same features as the one mentioned above, except for the bowl, which is flat bottomed.


2. Elixir Stemless Champagne Flutes

Elixir Stemless Champagne Flutes

Number of Units: 6
Capacity: 8 ounces

For those who would prefer a stem-less variety of the previous product, we recommend this set of six stemless champagne flutes by Elixir again.

Like the previous product, these glasses are also made with 100% lead-free crystal. This quality material makes the glass ultra-clear, optimally sparkly, and extremely sturdy. The long body of the glass makes sure that the bubbles stay intact in your champagne.

The base of the glass is made extra thick for durability. However, despite the robust bases, the glasses are not too heavy. Additionally, the thicker bases keep your champagne cold for a long time, unlike a lot of other stemless champagne flutes.

Chic with a non-traditional stemless design, these glasses are ideal for sipping champagne during casual events such as bachelor and bachelorette parties or family dinners.

Some individuals do not like stemless flutes because of various disadvantages these glasses have. But if you are simply looking forward to having fun and if you prefer stemless varieties, these are some of the best champagne glasses you can buy.


3. UMI UMIZILI Classic Champagne Flutes

UMI UMIZILI Classic Champagne Flutes

Number of Units: 12
Capacity: 5-6 ounces

You can never go wrong with a classic set of champagne flutes. Umi Umizili has the perfect set of 12 champagne glasses for both formal and informal events.

The chic design of the glasses combines contemporary style with the traditional shape of champagne flutes. These glasses are made from non-toxic, lead-free quality glass. They are clear and sturdy. The reinforced rims, tall and sleek body and massive base make the glasses elegant as well as practical.

These glasses, being amazingly budget-friendly, are meant for frequent use and are ideal for big parties. They are relatively heavier and much more durable than the usual flimsy champagne flutes; you can wash them using the dishwasher without worrying about breaking them.

The glasses are packaged in individual slots and are wrapped in foam to make sure that they reach you safely. Additionally, manufacturers offer a one-year limited returns policy in case you are not happy with the product. You can also contact their customer service if you need to.

Dependable, practical, low-maintenance, affordable, and attractive, you can rely on these champagne glasses to serve you well for a long time.


4. Aspen & Birch Modern Champagne Flutes

Aspen & Birch Modern Champagne Flutes

Number of Units: 6
Capacity: 6 ounces

If you are ready to splurge, Aspen and Birch have the classiest set of champagne flutes that is worth every penny of its price.

Unlike basic, machine-made, or disposable bulk champagne glasses, these flutes are crafted masterfully. Expert artisans with over ten years of experience, make these glasses by shaping them with the help of the hand-blown technique.

The laser-cut, polished rim enhances each sip of champagne your intake, while the ergonomic stem and base adds stability to the glasses and makes them easy to handle. The flat bottomed bowls add a modern touch to your traditional champagne flutes, and yet the glasses blend perfectly well in a more classic setting.

These champagne flutes are made with 100% lead-free crystal glass, which gives them outstanding clarity and a glossy finish.

These glasses are designed and tested to minimize tip-overs. This is why they have a nice weight and balance and thus are satisfying to hold. The long and graceful stems help maintain the temperature of the champagne so that you can savor every sip.

Besides, they are hand-wrapped in extra sturdy protective foam to prevent breakages. The sleek gift box with a matte finish is an added benefit and makes this set the perfect present for any special occasion.

Gentle hand washing is recommended for these glasses to maintain the crystal-like brilliance of the surface and overall quality of the glasses.

The chic design of the glasses is sure to make an impression in the most special of events. Being highly rated and absolutely loved by reviewers, these are the best champagne glasses you can come across if you are looking for ones as exquisite and fine as your champagne.


5. Eparé Glass Champagne Flutes

Eparé Glass Champagne Flutes

Number of units: 2 (also available in a set of 4)
Capacity: 5 ounces

Even though stemless champagne flutes provide more stability than the ones with stems, they are a little infamous among oenophiles. The primary reason behind it is because they warm up champagnes very quickly, thus diminishing its flavor. Eparé provides a very crafty solution to this issue.

These innovative champagne flutes by Eparé feature a double-walled insulated design that keeps your champagne cold for a long time.

A further advantage of the double walls is the resistance against condensation against the outside of the glass. So, you do not have to fret about having a coaster around to tackle the water rings on wooden tables.

The glassware is made out of premium chemistry-grade, hand-blown borosilicate glass, which allows the double-walled surface to be more lightweight than it looks like. It also makes these glasses extremely durable and efficient and ideal for frequent use.

Unlike most other champagne glasses, these flutes are very low-maintenance. They can be cleaned easily, put into dishwashers, microwave and freezers without melting, deforming, or cracking. These stemless champagne flutes are stemless and, thus, are much more balanced and less likely to be knocked over at parties than any other type of glasses.

However, they are not just efficient but also elegant. The quality of the glass makes it ultra-clear and sleek. At the same time, the double-walled design creates an optical illusion of the drink inside being magically suspended in the air.

Practical, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing; these are the best champagne glasses if you would like to opt for the stemless variety.


6. BarConic Coupe Glass

BarConic Coupe Glass

Number of Units: 4
Capacity: 6-7 ounces

Are you a fan of vintage things? Then chances are you will like these coupe champagne glasses by BarConic as well.

Even though the bubbles dissipate quickly with coupe glasses, the wide surface area allows a lot of aeration. It lets you enjoy the pleasant aroma of fine champagne, which is why many individuals prefer coupe glasses over flutes.

Made of lead-free crystal, these coupe glasses are sturdier than most other champagne flutes you can buy. The wide surface of the glass helps unfold the various layers of fragrance that champagne emits. The stems being shorter than those of flutes, these coupes are much more stable than flutes, which tip over way too easily.

Unlike a lot of other coupes, these champagne glasses are not too hefty. Appropriately sized, they can contain about six ounces of liquid. You can carry these lightweight glasses around with absolute ease and satisfaction. Moreover, the coupes are much easier to clean and maintain than any flute.
With a high value for its price, these dainty coupes are the best champagne glasses for you if you want something classy and old school.


7. Waterford Brooksid Champagne Flute Marquis

Waterford Brooksid Champagne Flute Marquis

Number of Units: 4
Capacity: 6 ounces

Waterford is a trusted name when it comes to champagne glasses. Marquis by Waterford Brookside collection is an incredibly accessible series of products that combine the reliability of Waterford with chic designs. If you want to sip your champagne in style, these are the best champagne flutes for you.

This beautiful set of champagne flutes are made from entirely lead-free crystalline. However, they do have the weight and balance of Waterford’s hand-crafted, fine crystal. The gorgeous engravings on the glasses add a celebratory touch to them. The uniquely designed stem and base simply add to the charm of these flutes.

These glasses are, however, relatively heavier than classic champagne flutes. However, it can be advantageous because their weight brings significant stability so that they will not be knocked over very often.

Additionally, the thicker surface of the bowl keeps your champagne cold for a much longer while.

Unlike a lot of other cheaper champagne flutes, these flutes are incredibly durable. Even though these glasses are dishwasher safe, we still recommend hand washing.

However, if you are worried about the affordability, you will be happy to know that these Waterford champagne flutes have an amazingly high value for the price. You can also trust Waterford to provide you with dependable customer service.


8. MyGift Champagne Flute Glasses

MyGift Champagne Flute Glasses

Number of units: 4
Capacity: 6 ounces

If you have been wondering what would be a particularly suitable set of wedding champagne flutes, you might want to check out these glasses by MyGift.

These flutes have been crafted masterfully from durable glass. The attention to detail and the exceptionally clear finish give these glasses the quintessential elegance you would want from your champagne’s companion.

The smooth gold-tone rim makes these champagne flutes ideally suited for special occasions, especially weddings. The golden rim also pairs outstandingly well with the color of champagne.

The slightly sloping rim is not just a fashion statement. It allows a larger surface area, which in turn permits more aroma to emit from the champagne than regular flutes. Moreover, If you are a wine enthusiast, you would love these champagne flutes.

Even though each of these glasses can hold 6 ounces, they are incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. The base is appropriately sized so that the glasses cannot tip over easily.

One downside of these lightweight glasses is that they can be a tad fragile, although not more than your classic flutes. Even though reviewers have reported that these flutes can hold up against sandblasting without any damage, dishwashers might not be right for them.

However, overall, these simple champagne flutes with a stylish twist will surely complement the ambiance of every classy setting.


9. Dust And Things Champagne Flutes Pair

Dust And Things Champagne Flutes Pair

Number of Units:
Capacity: 6 ounces

One of the best gifts you can give to an engaged couple is perhaps champagne glasses. However, it becomes even more special if they are personalized champagne flutes.

Dust and Things is a relatively new company run by a family that creates one-of-a-kind personalized items and sends them to your doorstep. And one of those items is, you guessed it, engraved champagne flutes.

This pair of glasses can be customized to have any name you wish, such as the couple’s names, laser engraved on them. A dedicated team of designers intricately design the engravings on the glasses in elegant fonts to suit the tone of the classic engagement settings.

The glasses are traditional champagne flutes with a generously sized bowl, a sturdy stem, and a strong base. The ‘Mr and Mrs’ glasses are very mainstream and practically a thing of the past.

Besides, unlike the bulk-produced glasses, these handmade products genuinely have a lot more effort and care behind them. For this reason, these custom champagne flutes would be a much more personal and unique gift.

Apart from being elegant, these flutes are also reasonably priced for customized gifts. Be it anniversaries, weddings, or engagements, this gift would be cherished and certainly even kept as a memorable wedding keepsake.


10. Riedel Performance Champagne Glass

Riedel Performance Champagne Glass

Number of Units: 2
Capacity: 13 ounces

If you are a dedicated oenophile, you will know that the best glasses for champagne are tulip-shaped glasses.

It is not very essential to buy tulip glasses for special occasions, since champagne flutes do the job perfectly. However, if you want to enjoy the sweet fragrance of champagne while simultaneously making sure that the bubbles do not dissipate or the drink does not get too warm, this is the best champagne glass for you.

Unlike flutes, the tulip-shaped design allows much more aeration, thus letting the champagne’s complex range of aromatics unfold. The rim, which is wider than that of a flute, along with the wider bowl enables the aroma to be released in a way that cannot be achieved with a narrow glass.

These tulip-shaped glasses, being taller than coupe glasses, keep bubbles intact. The glass also includes a ‘sparkling point’ which aids the formation of the bubbles. Unlike stemless champagne glasses, these do not let the drink get warmed up too quickly, thus allowing you to enjoy it for a longer time.

These lightweight glasses are made from quality crystal, which gives them great clarity. The shape and quality make the glasses, mainly when they contain champagne, extremely visually pleasing as well. The base is large enough not to let the glasses tip over easily.

If you want an extremely fulfilling tasting experience, these widely beloved glasses are some of the best champagne glasses you can invest in. They are a little on the more expensive side, but we can assure you that they have a really high value for the price.


11. Qualix Large Crystal Champagne Flutes

Qualix Large Crystal Champagne Flutes

Number of Units: 4
Capacity: 7 ounces

Champagne glasses are elegant. However, a pearly iridescent hue only makes them more stunning.

These flutes, being made out of 100% lead-free premium crystal, are lightweight and sturdy at the same time. They are durable enough to last quite a number of parties without breaking or getting chipped. Unlike a lot of other champagne flutes, these boast a more generous size, being able to hold about 7 ounces each.

The subtle opalescent hue on these champagne flutes looks like spectacular little rainbows. If you are looking for wedding champagne flutes that are bound to stand out, these unique multihued glasses are one of the best ways to make a statement. They are not tacky and add just a subtle twist to your traditional flutes.

These flutes are relatively lighter and are naturally a little delicate; hence, hand washing is suggested instead of putting them in a dishwasher. However, they are delivered very carefully so that they arrive intact at your doorstep.

Widely loved by reviewers and users, these exquisite champagne flutes are sure to bring colors to your celebrations.


12. Barfame 18/8 Stainless Steel Champagne Flutes Glass Set

Barfame 18/8 Stainless Steel Champagne Flutes Glass Set

Number of Units: 2
Capacity: 8.2 ounces

If you are feeling a little adventurous, Barfame has just the set of champagne flutes for you.

This sophisticated pair of champagne glasses are made out of quality, 18/8 stainless steel. The material is BPA free, rust-free, and does not give off the metallic taste, and thus is perfectly non-hazardous to your health.

The expert workmanship behind these flutes gives them a sleek and tidy finish. The rim of the glass is smooth and devoid of any rough indentations that might cause any irritation to the drinker. The slightly slanting edge allows better aeration and hence lets the aromas develop better.

But we all know the most significant advantage stainless steel has over glass- it is completely shatterproof. These champagne flutes can fall off again and again at any big or small event without causing a huge mess or without someone hurting themselves against a piece of broken glass.

This feature naturally makes these flutes remarkably more durable than the ones made of crystal or glass. Being low maintenance can easily survive dishwashing or hand-washing.

If you want to gift your loved ones a long-lasting and useful present that can also be saved as a souvenir, these incredible flutes are the best champagne glasses you can pick.

Being unbreakable, you can use these flutes very frequently, while the chic design and colors (available in rose-gold and gold) make them appropriate for formal or big events as well.


Bonus Review

13. Munfix Plastic Champagne Flute

Munfix Plastic Champagne Flute

Number of Units: 12
Capacity: 9 ounces

Plastic glasses usually save you from a lot of washing and drying. However, they are terrible for both your health and the environment. You can find many plastic glasses on the internet, which are usually disposable; they look pretty but are of cheap quality and not worth the spending in the long run.

So, here instead, we have a set of recyclable plastic champagne flutes by Darice, which would totally trick your eyes into believing that they are made of glass.

Being made of BPA free, premium, hard plastic, these glasses are crystal clear, completely shatterproof, and very sturdy. And unlike most champagne flutes, these can hold up to 9 ounces of liquid!

The glasses have patented smart features such as a rounded rim for smooth drinking and a pop n’ lock mechanism so that you can stack them efficiently. Each glass in this set is made from up to one recycled plastic bottle and is 100% BPA free. So you can use them multiple times.

Lastly, these champagne flutes look much chicer than the cheap plastic champagne glasses and last much longer.


Factors To Consider

All the essential factors such as quality, durability, etc. have been taken care of for the products on our list. The products vary simply in designs, affordability, shapes, etc. When it comes to champagne glasses, what you ought to buy usually depends on your personal preference and convenience.

1. Material

When we think about champagne glasses, we obviously think of crystal. It is known for its brilliance and helps enhance the color of champagne.

However, crystal and glass are naturally fragile, and some would instead prefer steel or plastic glasses. Stainless steel is unbreakable and is more durable than both plastic and glass. Plastic glasses are often disposable, thus having a much shorter life; additionally, they can be harmful to you from time to time.

No matter what material the glasses are made of, make sure that it is non-toxic and not hazardous to your health. Otherwise, you can pick whichever you like based on your requirements and preferences.

2. Shape And Design

Shape and design are not just a matter of preference; they are also responsible for enhancing or diminishing the flavor of the champagne.

  • Flute: Champagne flutes are the most popular kind of glasses right now because they can preserve bubbles better than any other type of glass. Apart from that, they look elegant and modern and blend in with every kind of setting. However, with flute glasses, the lack of surface area leads to less aeration, which in turn does not let the champagne release its aroma properly.
  • Coupe: Coupes are dainty, old-fashioned glasses with a wide surface area that lets you take the aroma in, much better than flutes. However, bubbles dissipate very swiftly with these glasses.
  • Tulip: Tulips combine the best of both flutes and coupes. The bubbles are preserved due to its long body, while the slightly wide bowl allows enough aeration.

3. Durability

The durability of champagne glasses can be tricky. It varies from material to material, brand to brand, and type to type.

All crystal champagne glasses are more fragile than the ones made of plastic or steel. On the other hand, if we focus on the type, flutes can tip over and break more frequently than coupes. As long as the glasses have a strong base, the possibility of tipping over is lower.

4. Maintenance

Maintaining champagne glasses can be difficult. Thin glasses made of crystal have to be hand washed carefully; dishwashers are not suitable for most champagne flutes. You can simply wash thick glasses or the ones made of stainless steel or plastic using a dishwasher easily.

Coupe glasses are usually more convenient to clean than flutes. In fact, champagne flutes, usually the most elegant ones, are typically high maintenance and require a lot of care.

It depends upon your requirements which kind of glasses you would want to buy. If you wish to use the glasses frequently, perhaps the low maintenance ones would be the best option for you. However, for special occasions, we can all choose elegance over maintenance.

5. Price

The price tag does not necessarily reflect the quality of a set of champagne glasses. Often the price depends on the type of glass you are buying, the material, the design, whether it is handcrafted or machine-made. If you focus instead on the product’s features and your requirements, chances are the price will naturally align with the quality.

Best Champagne Glasses – Summing Up

We have aimed to include all kinds of products in a wide price range so that everyone can find something helpful. All the products are quality and differ only in secondary aspects. We hope we could provide you with some clarity regarding how to buy the kind of champagne glass you need.

And remember, there is no one best glass for champagne. It depends solely upon what you want. So do not get stressed about which would be the most appropriate one. Pick whichever fits your bill, and we hope you have a blissful celebration.

FAQs on Champagne Glasses


Q1. What Is The Best Type Of Glass For Drinking Champagne?

Tulip glasses are usually the best champagne glasses since they are long enough to preserve the bubbles and wide in the middle to allow the aroma to develop.
However, if you are not a wine connoisseur and are simply looking for efficient and aesthetic glasses, champagne flutes perfectly fit the bill. They can preserve the bubbles due to their elongated bodies and thus keep the quality of the champagne intact.

Q2. How Are Wine Glasses And Champagne Glasses Different?

In the case of wine, we focus on the aroma the most, which is why wine glasses have wider bowls. However, bubble preservation is more important for champagne. Hence long glasses such as flutes and tulips are ideal for champagne.

Q3. How Do You Wash Champagne Glasses?

Champagne glasses can be difficult to maintain. Even though many of them can be machine washed, it is preferable to hand wash them to preserve their quality, make sure they don’t have scratches on them, or are broken altogether.

Q4. What Are Old School Champagne Glasses Called? Are They Good?

Old fashioned champagne glasses which you might have seen in the movies from the ‘30s are called champagne coupes. Even though they allow an ample amount of aeration, these glasses cannot save bubbles.

Q5. How Do I Keep My Champagne Bubbly?

If it seems that you have lost most bubbles from your glass of champagne, just drop a raisin in there. It works.

Q6. Should You Swirl Champagne?

Champagne is not meant to be swirled since it would lose the bubbles. This is the reason why it is usually served in elongated glasses.