Best Dom Perignon Champagne Review 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Dom Perignon Brut Rose Best Dom Perignon Champagne ReviewDom Perignon Brut ChampagneDom Perignon Brut 2009

Wine, in its simplest sense, is an apotheosis of culture and traditions. From its rudimentary and traditional practices, it has evolved to become a part of our diet and lifestyle. Thus, we need to understand the story behind a particular brand and its wine collection.

One such brand is the respected Dom Perignon. A hallmark of luxurious champagnes, this is often termed as the mother of all champagnes. In short, it is truly a taste of indulgence with every bottle of wine from the notable collection.


History of Dom Perignon Champagne

Notable for its luxury and indulgent nature, the Dom Perignon champagne collection has a deep history that is worth knowing, as it plays a key role in understanding the true identity of the brand itself.

Created by the champagne house of Moet and Chandon, the champagne Dom Perignon is recognized as one of the most prestigious and respected champagnes. Furthermore, the champagne is named after a Benedictine monk who serves as an important pioneer of champagne.

Moreover, the first-ever vintage of this esteemed champagne was created in the year 1921 and was only open for sale in 1936. The wine gained immense popularity across the North American continent after the first purchase by Simon Bros & Co.

When it comes to the flavor profile of the 1921 vintage, the cellar master of the brand, Richard Geoffrey, describes it to be a distinctive bouquet of vanilla, sandalwood, and praline.

The Dom Perignon champagne was manufactured from the normal vintage by the Moet and Chandon Champagne house up until 1943. Afterward, it was shifted to a special 18th-century cellar.

On the whole, each vintage of the Dom champagne changed in terms of composition. As the Dom Perignon champagne is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the ratios tend to differ as per the vintage.

For example, some of them have equal percentages of both the wines, whereas others have more of one and less of another.

Another eminent creation by the brand is the very first champagne cork. Earlier, champagne bottles were enclosed with wood. The major disadvantage of this was the improper fit. Therefore, with the invention of Dom Perignon’s cork, champagne bottles were closed in a better way, preserving the bubbles of it.

In a nutshell, the magnificent creations of the brand have contributed to the classic style of modern champagne bottles.

In today’s modern world, Dom Perignon champagne is still regarded as one of the most premium brands of champagne. Regarded for its superior quality and traditional winemaking techniques, the Dom champagne is still a favorite for many all around the world.

Specialty Of The Dom Perignon Champagne

Why is the Dom Perignon champagne a classic even today in the vast and diverse world of wine? Well, this champagne is often referred to as a bottle of vintage champagne. In simpler terms, each bottle is manufactured with one season of grapes, and no two bottles are the same.

Top 4 Best Dom Perignon Champagne 2020

1. Dom Perignon Brut Rose

Dom Perignon Brut Rose Best Dom Perignon Champagne Review

One of the top classic wines from Dom Perignon is its renowned Rose Champagne. Esteemed as a bottle of vintage champagne, the Dom Perignon Rose champagne is crafted seasonally and only in anomalous years.

Each variation of the Dom Perignon Rose champagne is an exclusive and rare amalgamation designed as a humble ode to the Pinot Noir. Furthermore, the true color of the wine is a juxtaposition of maturity and juvenescence at its finest.

In simpler terms, the color of the Dom Perignon Brut Rose Champagne is a reflection of the beautiful process of making the wine.

Therefore, the Dom Perignon Brut Rose Champagne 2005 is a classic taste from a difficult harvest season. To manufacture the perfect rose, winemakers often analyze the prevailing weather conditions.

With the evergreen Dom Perignon Brut Rose Champagne, it was a vintage harvested from an unpredictable season. The summation of a heatwave in August and a cool September led to the exclusive volume of the Dom Perignon Brut Rose Champagne 2005.

When it comes to the taste of this Dom Perignon Rose champagne, people are bound to experience slight notes of raspberry and rose initially. However, as you delve into the taste of the wine, you are likely to understand notes of warm spices with specks of cherry.

Besides, it is a great pairing with heavy and rich dishes such as pork and seafood and is a beautiful delicacy when complemented with soft cheeses. Overall, a great balance between acidity and freshness, this is a must-try rose wine.


2. Dom Perignon 2006

Dom Perignon Brut Champagne

Another impeccable wine from the extravagant Dom Perignon collection is the Dom Perignon 2006 vintage champagne. A taste of richness and finesse, the champagne Dom Perignon 2006 is the perfect example of aged wine.

An embodiment of the sublime harmony of the original Dom Perignon, the 2006 variant is yet another feather in the cap for the brand. Grown similarly as the 2002 variant, the Dom Perignon 2006 vintage champagne was considered to be harvested for the longest time.

In simpler terms, the early ripening of the grapes led to the beautiful maturity of the wine, along with the development of rich flavors and aromas.

When it comes to the flavor profile of the wine, users, initially, tend to experience slight notes of floral and tropical fruits that lead to a deeper toasted taste. As an individual tastes the wine, they tend to feel an increased level of complexity and creaminess from just a sip of the wine.

In a nutshell, this prestigious golden Cuvee is an elegant yet lively wine, perfect for those who are on the lookout for a fruity wine.


3. Dom Perignon Brut 2009

Dom Perignon Brut 2009

If you are on the hunt for finding the best Dom Perignon champagne, you should try the Dom Perignon Brut Champagne 2009. The Dom Perignon 2009 vintage champagne is a humble ode to the citrus family.

Furthermore, when compared to other popular champagnes from the Dom Perignon brand, the champagne Dom Perignon 2009 is more acidic. With its fresh amalgamation of lime, grapefruit, and stone fruits, this is a bottle of must-try champagne.

Initially, users tend to experience the bursting flavor of stone fruits such as peaches, apricot, pineapple, etc. The longer the wine sits on the tongue, they are more likely to taste a beautiful note of toasted oak, that forms the character of this type of champagne.

Also, as the wine travels through your palate, the final taste you end with is a sweet yet zesty ting of lime, which helps in creating a lingering effect in your mouth.

On the whole, this Dom Perignon champagne gives users a fresh, zesty sensation that is enjoyed by many wine enthusiasts.


4. Dom Pérignon Oenothèque

Dom Pérignon Oenothèque

The final champagne on this colossal journey of finding the best Dom Perignon champagne is the Dom Pérignon Oenothèque Brut Champagne. In a nutshell, this wine has been eminent throughout the opulent history of the Dom Perignon brand.

After thorough research, many wine experts found that the aging and development of the Dom Perignon Oenotheque Brut champagne is in three phases. Let us take a look at each phase to truly understand the character and flavor profile of this luxurious wine.

The first phase often referred to as P1, has a harvest duration of about eight years. This leads to the second phase, which takes around approximately fifteen years. During this time frame, the quality of the wine peaks to treat its connoisseurs with a premium quality champagne.

The last phase, termed as P3, is the growth stage where the wine is left for about 20 to 30 years to truly age and mature in terms of depth and flavor.

Moreover, this wine has a unique flavor profile, as compared to other wines by Dom Perignon. The first initial smell is a combination of figs and citrus. However, as you taste the wine, you are more likely to experience the wonderful freshness of fruit and smoke.

Overall, this is one of the expensive wines, and probably one of the best champagnes.


How Is It Made?

The Dom Perignon champagne collection is one of the iconic brands worldwide. Known for its traditional techniques, the wine is one of the classic examples of top tier champagnes.

When it comes to the process of making the wine, it is important to remember the name of one person i.e Richard Geoffrey. Often called the chef de cave of the Dom Perignon, he is responsible for creating this legendary wine.

When compared to other winemakers, Geoffrey employs unique techniques and has a different approach to make the Dom champagne. Most sparkling wine manufacturers often take into account the acid and sugar levels in the grape itself.

However, when it comes to producing the Dom Perignon champagne, Geoffrey considers the pH of the fruit. He believes that this is the top level in the hierarchy of factors to be considered.

Furthermore, he is a strong believer in ensuring a quality product. Thus, the producers of the Dom champagne use sulfite to kill any wild yeast and employ only stainless steel tanks for the fermentation process.

With such a unique process of producing the wine, there is no doubt that the Dom Perignon stands tall and high when it comes to the best champagnes in the world.

Cost Of The Dom Perignon Champagne

Many people often wonder – how much does a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne cost? Well, a typical bottle starts between a price range of 150 to 160 dollars. However, the Dom Perignon champagne price depends upon the age and maturity of the wine.

A rule of thumb is that the older the bottle of Dom Perignon champagne, the more expensive it is.

Did you know that the most expensive bottle of the Dom Perignon champagne is its Rose vintage of 1959? It costs approximately 84,000 dollars. The main reason why this champagne is expensive is that it optimizes the finest grapes from the best vineyards in France. Furthermore, the aging duration is quite long, adding to this expensive price.

With such a heavy price, many wine enthusiasts wonder if it is truly worth it. Well, the Dom Perignon champagne is definitely worth the value for the money as it speaks volumes in terms of flavors and quality.

How Do You Drink The Dom Perignon Champagne?

Wine is at its best at a particular temperature. Thus, when it comes to the Dom Perignon champagne, it is best when served at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to chill it for approximately two hours and take it out fifteen minutes before serving.

Furthermore, the wine glass used to serve the wine plays an important role in enhancing the overall experience.

Thus, for the champagne Dom Perignon, it is recommended to use flutes, tulips, or even coupes. These types of wine glasses allow the aromas and the bubble to fizz much longer.

Tips And Tricks To Drink The Wine

To experience the complete flavor of the wine, below are a few tips and tricks to follow when drinking the Dom Perignon champagne.

Firstly, gently loosen the cork, and open the bottle of Dom champagne. Then, make sure to pour the wine slowly and steadily. This way, any overflow of the wine is prevented. When pouring, it is important to remember to pour a little amount and wait for the bubbles to settle. Once this is done, pour a little more of the wine.

However, make sure to pour just enough until the glass is about two thirds full. Finally, to top it off, hold the glass by the stem instead of the bowl. This will keep the wine chilled for slightly longer.


Overall, the Dom Perignon champagne is a prestigious classic that stands to be the favorite of many wine enthusiasts today. Renowned for its unique techniques and tastes, it is truly a masterpiece and a beautiful marriage of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

In a nutshell, it is indeed a taste of absolute indulgence and should be tried out in case you are on the hunt for the best champagne.

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