Mumm Napa Brut Rose Review

Mumm Napa Brut Rose Review

After going for a bottle of Champagne for Valentine a couple of times, I suppose you’ll want to try something else sometime, the great sparking Rose. As recommended by the San Francisco chronicle, you have nice bottles of wine for you to choose from. This post is for the Mumm Napa Brut Rose Review.

Mumm Napa brut rose is a dry and sparkling wine which goes for the most affordable bottle among the nine i.e. 22USD. This pink eye-catching sparkly bottle of wine brings sweetness from a combination of various fruit flavors and a classic finish. It’s a bubbly drink with a dark color and high fruit notes that sky strikes its sweetness. 

Coming in handy with 80% of Pinot Noir this sparkling brut rose offers high peach and strawberry fruit notes followed with other aromas that will leave ultimate lasting sweetness in your mouth. It also contains 15% Chardonnay. 

This sparkler is rich in mouth-filling wild strawberry and cherry fruit aromas that will make you go back next time. It blends perfectly with a broad collection of foods right from fish and turkey to the spiciest of Asian and Italian foods. This pink sparkler holds wild red floral strawberry as well as a creamy and succulent aroma that will do crispy finishing. 


Mumm Napa is originally produced in GH Mumm, the prominent international champagne production company in France. It undergoes the best and most typical wine-production techniques in France. The French heritage is well-known for its dominant hand-crafted sparkling to list wines across the globe. 

Their dedication to the production of high quality has been seen in the sweetness this brut rose holds. This premium wine is internationally respected since it holds excellency and classic quality that makes it an outstanding sparkling wine and many people’s favorite. 

Perfect Food and Dish Blend Recommendations 

With the pronounced effervescence, a sip on this wine holds, you might want to try it with some dishes. Instead of spending our whole lives trying to point out the best wine for your dinner occasion, let me take you straight to the bull’s eye. Mumm napa rose blends well with fish tacos, crab cakes, or other appropriate seafood you’re fond of. 

Moreover, you can use the California style and have your glass of wine coming along with chicken, avocado, and Monterey cheese. Mumm napa naturally blends with a long-range of dishes thus making it many wine enthusiasts’ favorite. 

Appearance (In Glass) 

Effervescent pale gold drink with a layer of white foam at the top of your glass  

Mumm Napa Brut Rose Review – Aroma 

Carries light fruit notes of citrus, melon, honeysuckle, and almond fruit.  This bottle of wine comes along with a brilliant aroma of black cherries, red wild strawberries, citrus, and other mouth-filling and succulent fruits. 

This wine is medium-bodied and dry thus having a fleshy, crispy almond taste filling your mouth after your sip.  

Mumm Nappa Brut Composition 

This wine’s signature has a pink eye-catching color, various high fruit notes, and an excellent finish on its taste. Its pinot noir levels are responsible for its soft texture and the fruitiness it holds.  

The 20% Chardonnay present in the drink is responsible for its structure and class. This bottle of sparkling wine holds an alcohol percentage of 12.5%.

Mumm Napa Brut Rose Review – Rating 

As a wine enthusiast, I’ll rate this sparkling and mouth-filling drink 85points. The Pinot Noir takes almost 80 % of the drink while the remainder is for chardonnay. It allures us with strawberry and orange aromas with a tight and slight layer of acidity on its taste.  

The Mumm Nappa brut offers a variety of high fruit notes i.e. Pinot noir fruit which is rich in Black cherries and black strawberries. Part of the wine undergoes fermentation which helps it achieve the fruity direct sweetness it brings on. A small proportion of chardonnay is added after the process to give the wine structure and intensity.  

Is Mumm Napa Brut Rose Sweet? 

As you look forward to buying or going wine shopping, I believe you’re down for a bottle of sparkling sweet wine. 

Sparkling wines like the Mumm napa wine are always categorized and by how dry they are(e.g. Mumm Nappa rose- Brut), how much residual sugar they contain (12%), and their fruit variations which are responsible for their color (e.g. strawberry -red-pink), structure (smooth and mouth-filling). 

The type or choice of sparkling wine you’ll go for will depend on the occasion and component preferences you want. 

The Mumm Napa brut rose is known to be the most eye-catching Mumm Napa wine type of all-time. This is a soft and classic option, a perfect choice for dinner with your in-laws or spouse. It comes in handy with a high fruit aroma and intense mouth-filling sweetness. 

This wine is a casual drink that you can go for during any occasion since it can be taken along a wide variety of dishes ranging from raw to fried chicken. Its pink bottle color brings and holds a sense of romance and elegance in the air thus making it top-list in your dinner bucket list.  

Mumm Napa Brut Rose Review – How Much Does It Cost? 

With its unmatched sweetness, this is by far the most affordable wine bottle of Mumm napa’s wines. Compared to other varieties under its category, it is the only one that goes below 25 USD thus making it highly cost-effective.  

Is Mumm Napa Brut Rose a Champagne 

Many wine drinkers do not understand the difference between sparkling wines and champagnes. Champagne can be a sparkling wine while not all sparkling drinks are considered champagnes. 

Champagnes are originally produced in Champagne in France thus the result name. Although Mumm napa wines have always been produced and crafted to champagne standards, the mum napa brut rose still remains a ‘method traditionelle’ sparkling wine.  

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Mumm Napa Brut Rose Review – Conclusion

With the blend of chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and Pinot Noir, we get the fascinating sweetness and elegance of the popular mum napa brut rose’s sweetness. It is not only a high quality sparkling wine but also cost-effective as well. 

Grab a bottle for one or two, or for dinner with your friends. Go through the Mumm napa brut rose review above to know its brilliance as well as the unmatched sweetness it carries along.