Ruinart Champagne Review

Ruinart Champagne Review

For all my wine lovers in the world today, what are you doing if you haven’t tasted the sweet Ruinart brut champagne? The Ruinart Champagne review comprises everything you need to know about the Ruinart champagne, from it’s the price to the level of sweetness. 

The Ruinart champagne is blended with various components that are mixed in different ratios that contribute to the production of the sweet brut wine. Components such as Chardonnay, Pinot noir, and Pinot Meunier. The components are mixed in the ratio 40% Chardonnay is used, 49% Pinot noir, and 11% Pinot Meunier are used. 

The Ruinart wine also comprises 25% of old reserve wines of which must be aged before being used. The old reserve sparkling wines are well kept for about 3 years before a small percentage is used in the making of the Ruinart wine.

Ruinart Champagne Review 

  • Produced by the Ruinart family 
  • Vintage;                                   Non-vintage 
  • Colour;                                       sparkly white 
  • Level of sweetness;               Brut 
  • The country produced;                France 
  • The region produced;                 Champagne 
  • Alcohol percentage;             12% 
  • Type of wine;                        Brut sparkling wine 
  • Grapes used;                        Chardonnay grapes 

Ruinart Champagne Review – the history of the Ruinart Brut Champagne 

Ruinart brut champagne was founded in the year 1729 by a monk who was named Thiery Ruinart. Thiery Ruinart formed the Ruinart Champagne company and is said to be one of the oldest champagne producers in the world apart from Gosset, which is actually older than Ruinart but it only used to manufacture still wines over a long period of time. 

Thierry Ruinart was into fine bubbly wine and always told his family back in the town of Champagne that he would start the manufacture and production of wine in that location. 

Before Thiery Ruinart could complete his long life term dream, he, unfortunately, passed away. That was not all for the Ruinart champagne company. His nephew named Nicholas Ruinart, revived his uncle’s long life dream and set up one of the first wine and  Champagne houses in the world and named it Maison Champagne. 

The Ruinart wine house comprises a set of historic cellars built underground with chalk in Reims. They are documented as a historical site in the world but all this has not worked in their favor. 

During the world war 2 period, the verse historical information about the Ruinart house cellars, caused the Tribe of Nazi to be able to search and acquire every last wine bottle of Ruinart brut that was preserved by the Ruinart wine house. 

Therefore Ruinart Champagne and brut company unlike the other wine Industries in the world lacks preserved old wine vintages but this is a stepping stone to their recent game and success in the wine industry today. 

Nowadays, the Ruinart brut champagne also known as the famous blanc de blanc wine is used at vintage weddings all over the world. 

Over the years, the production of the Ruinart brut wine has not changed that much. About 25% of the old reserve wines are usually used in the production of the Ruinart wine. For the mixture to happen, the old reserve wine preserved should be at least two or more years older than the natural base wine. This is so as to allow the fermentation process to naturally occur. 

Ruinart Champagne Review – the Description

The Ruinart brut wine looks amazing and sparkly while filled in your glass. This is how we can well describe the sweet Ruinart wine according to our Ruinart champagne review: 

What does it look like? Ruinart brut wine is shiny and when filled in glass produces an array of fresh bubbles with a soft and golden look to it. 

What does it taste like? For all my wine freaks and in case you’ve ever tasted Ruinart brut wine, you will know that it’s very sweet. It is smooth and a little bit dry around the tongue edges. 

It has a zesty and tasty flavor to its name and the main feature that makes it attractive to most people, us that it has a very intense citric feeling to it, which brings the whole wine altogether. 

How does it smell? Ruinart brut wine has a nice aroma that fills up the place. The sweet brut wine flashes a hint of lemons and a fresh slice of pineapples all together with hints of yeast 

And always remember not to store your Ruinart brut wine in a place where sunlight rays can easily reach the bottle. This is because the ultraviolet rays from the sun deteriorate the content in the Ruinart wine bottle and spoil it. 

Uses of the Ruinart Brut Champagne 

Ruinart brut wine is used for parties and ceremonies. Nowadays the Ruinart wine has caught the public eye and people all over the world have started acknowledging its presence. Although it costs a lot of money, there is no doubt about its services especially when the party is packed and Ruinart brut wine is available. 

Ruinart brut wine can be used as gifts. If the person you are sending the gift to love’s wine, then you can make up your mind to send him the Ruinart champagne as an appreciation gift which is worth 100  dollars. 

Ruinart wine can also be used as a beverage back home. While relaxing at home, you can agree to pop up a Ruinart bottle of champagne, or in case you are celebrating a certain event at home, then Ruinart brut champagne is the best option for you. 

Last but not least, Ruinart wine can be used to match with certain foodstuffs such as oysters for the best possible combination. Ruinart brut wine is used mostly to match with seafood to produce a perfect tasty combination that would leave you wanting more. 

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Ruinart Champagne Review – Conclusion

According to our Ruinart champagne review, we give the brut wine a score of 8.4 out of a possible 10, with room for improvement. The Ruinart champagne is full of sparkly bubbles and the hint mixture of lemons and pineapples gives it the perfect smell with a citric feeling that cools you down after a long day of work. 

You can never go wrong with Ruinart Brut wine and it’s only 100 dollars. For its unique quality, it’s not that expensive.