Taittinger Champagne Review

Taittinger Champagne Review

Champagne Taittinger is a brut sparkling wine that is fruit oriented and gives a spark of bubbles. Please don’t pass it by when you visit your local depot given that Taittinger champagne is one of the worlds leading champagne producers. In order for you to know its merits and demerits, we have provided you with a Taittinger champagne review down below. 

Taittinger Champagne Review 

  • Winery- Taittinger 
  • Vintage- Nonvintage 
  • Alcohol volume- 12.5% 
  • Bottle size – 750 ml 
  • Wine name- “Brut La Francaise” 
  • Wine category- Champagne and Sparkling wine 
  • Grape variety- Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier 
  • Product from- France 
  • Price- $61.5 

History of the Taittinger Champagne 

Champagne Taittinger was discovered in the year 1734. In the year 1934, the Taittinger link was formed when the founder of Taittinger Champagne, Pierre Taittinger acquired his mansion. Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger, who was the president of his company, had a team made up of family and friends who ensured the smooth run of the company. The team included his export director Clovis Taittinger together with his right-hand man Vitalie Taittinger and finally the winemaker,  Alexandre Ponnavoy. When he was serving his duty in the world war 1 he was staying in a place called Chateau de la Marquetterie. While he was in this place, he fell in love with the mansion together with the vineyards and decided to purchase the Taittinger Champagne company. In the world today, Taittinger Champagne company is one of the least winemaking companies in the world that is still family-owned and actively managed and directed by the Taittinger company. 

Regional Information on the Taittinger Wine Company 

Taittinger champagne is well known and is established in the northern parts of France The Taittinger company is well known for its sparkling wines that are sweet The Taittinger Champagne area is well suited for the growth of its vineyards as it provides the most suitable conditions in order for the Taittinger vineyards to grow. About half of the grapes used in the Brut reserve are from Taittinger vineyards hence Taittinger Champagne company helps other winemaking companies acquire raw materials in order to kick off their wine selling business. 

Taittinger Vindication Information 

We already stated that Taittinger is produced from about 95% of Chardonnay, Pinot noir, and Pinot Meunier. Taittinger sparkling wine also includes reserved wine that is used so as to ensure the effectiveness and consistency of the Taittinger sparkling wine for ages to come. 

Usage and How to Store Taittinger Champagne 

In order to store Taittinger Champagne and use it at its best, you should store it in a cool dry place away from children. You should store the Taittinger sparkling wine at temperatures of 13 to 15 degrees Celsius, according to the Taittinger Champagne review. 

Taittinger Champagne contains high pressure, so if exposed to heat, may expand and pour out. You should always avoid opening the cork of the bottle in front of others and yourself also. Before opening the Taittinger Champagne relax a bit and please avoid shaking before opening the wine. When opening the Taittinger Champagne please hold the cork firmly with grip before twisting the cork slowly outwards. In any case of opening a sparkling wine please never use a cork screwer to open the bottle. 

Taittinger Champagne is well paired with certain foodstuffs such as fried fish and shellfish. It can also be used as an appetizer or as an aperitif. 

Taittinger Champagne Brand Details 

This is one of the fewest winemaking companies that up to date are still family-owned hence protects its culture and integrity. This sparkling wine company is owned by the Taittinger family in Reims, France. The higher percentage of Chardonnay in the winemaking process makes the wine sweeter and with great perfection. 40 % of Chardonnay is used in this nonvintage sparkling wine. 

Taittinger Champagne Review 

This fruit obsessed Champagne from Taittinger makes a moderate bubbly sparkling wine with medium-sized bubbles. Taittinger Champagne is acidic and frothy and very light a perfect combination. This fruity sparkling wine is good for celebration occasions as it has a toasty bread nose, outburst of lemon drops, and green apple which makes it sweet though dry. Taittinger Champagne has a finger-licking acidity and a good blend of micro carbonation, a good sign of a well-blended sparkling wine. 

For a Taittinger masterpiece, a higher percentage of Chardonnay should be present with brut reserve. Brut Reserve has aged less than a minimum of three years before the release of the sparkling wine. Brut reserve blend includes 40% of chardonnay, 30 % of Pinot Noir, and 30% of Pinot Meunier. The blend typically has 20% reserve wines and the dosage is 10 grams per liter. 

Taittinger Champagne has recently reestablished itself after full Management of the company was taken over by the family back in 2006. Since then the Taittinger Champagne company has made executive changes already benefiting from almost 300 hectares of vineyard of Taittinger. This makes Taittinger company the second-largest wine-producing company located in Champagne after Moet Hennessey.

Taittinger wine company is still making adjustments and improvements in its winemaking activities, already having to invest about 60 million dollars in a new site in Reims where they want to extend their business and ensure that Taittinger Champagne review is successful. 

If you did not know, Taittinger Champagne contains 40 % of Chardonnay together with a fruit oriented hint with the freshness and softness of the drink. Aging with the sparkling wine lees for more than three years, Taittinger Champagne offers a toasty and bubbly effect in your mouth and is in competition with the other winemaking companies to compete for the top spot. 

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Taittinger Champagne Review – Conclusion

Why choose Taittinger Champagne over other sparkling wines? According to the Taittinger champagne review, Taittinger is one of the best brands of wine in the world because of its sweetness and its freshness. In brief, Taittinger Champagne offers a good time.